The proliferation of smart services calls for unsupervised authentication at a distance. Being natural, non-intrusive and readily compatible with smart and mobile devices, automatic speaker verification (ASV) is an appealing solution. Even so, today’s state-of-the-art ASV systems lack robustness to environmental variability and are vulnerable to spoofing. Concerns regarding interoperability, scalability and privacy also form barriers to exploitation.

While embracing standards, in addition to a privacy and interoperability-by-design ethos, OCTAVE will integrate commercial-grade and new, hybrid ASV systems with the latest environmental robustness and anti-spoofing technologies to deliver a scalable, trusted biometric authentication service (TBAS). While simultaneously relieving end-users from the inconvenience of dealing with textual passwords, the OCTAVE platform will reduce the economic and practical burdens related to password loss and recovery.

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Workshop on “User Authentication by Voice Biometrics: Prospects and Challenges”

The workshop is organized by OCTAVE and will see presentations from project representatives, interlaced with presentations from stakeholders expressing their needs and commenting project results and technologies against their requirements. User interaction with the system and their acceptance will be another key topic of the Workshop. Speakers will deliver their talk [...]

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OCTAVE Fourth plenary meeting, London (UK), 21-23 November 2016

On 21-23 November 2016, the project celebrated its fourth plenary meeting, at ATOS, London.

Project title:
Objective Control for TAlker VErification
Project Acronym: OCTAVE
Starting date: 1 June 2015
Duration: 26 months
Total effort: 597 pm
Call identifier: H2020-DS-2014-1
Topic: DS-02-2014 Access Control
Project No. 647850
Fixed EC Keywords:
Complexity and cryptography, electronic security, privacy, biometrics