Work Package 2

Dissemination and Exploitation entail the full project duration. In particular, WP2 aims at establishing a consortium-wide exploitation plan and formal business models for post-project commercialisation.


This WP is charged with communication and dissemination strategy and actions. Operational objectives include:

  • To develop and carry out a concrete set of activities that will ensure the success of the communication strategy to all key actors in the broader learning domain, integrating their feedback at key points of the specification, design, development and evaluation work.
  • To provide the maximum visibility and public awareness of OCTAVE by following a sound dissemination strategy in dedicated events involving stakeholders from the ecosystem of OCTAVE related market (Developers, Computer scientists, General public).
  • To deliver a developer support network to companies for effective transfer of OCTAVE methodology and technologies.
  • To publish results in international conferences and workshops to inform the information management community (academic/research and industry) about OCTAVE, its goals and achievements.


This work package will develop the OCTAVE web-site and then maintain it during the project life. It will disseminate the existence of the OCTAVE project and contribute towards international standards initiatives which will increase the impact results for OCTAVE. The production of various publications of the research organizations of the OCTAVE project is also part of the WP2 as the organization of events and the coordination of specific actions for raising awareness and attracting the general public.

A market analysis will define possibilities for OCTAVE’s outcomes, and outline an exploitation strategy taking into account all possible business models of commercial viability for OCTAVE tools and results.


Dissemination and communication actions

  • this site, created at project start and continously updated
  • publications (20+)
  • participation to events, conferences and workshops
  • social media
  • leaflets, posters, video presentations

Exploitation plan

  • Due diligence of OCTAVE background (technology used as input to the project) and foreground (project outcomes), according to ownership, interest for use, or interest for selling by applicable Partners.
  • Coordination of production of a detailed exploitation plan, for the entire Consortium and for single Partners.

OCTAVE Final Workshop

Florence, 27 June, 2017.  The workshop was organized for a public audience interested in voice biometrics and security. Initial feedback from user trials was provided to the audience. All client applications developed by OCTAVE were available for demonstration to the audience.

OCTAVE Intermediate Workshop

Rome, 9 March, 2017.  The workshop was organized for a selected audience of experts in voice biometrics and security, to gather their feedback on OCTAVE results, before completing the platform and starting the user trials.

OCTAVE ASV solutions were submitted to major standard evaluation campaigns

  • ASV Spoof 2015
  • ASV Spoof 2017

OCTAVE ad-hoc session at EAB-RPC 2016

An invited session was organized at the EAB-PRC Conference 2016, held by the European Association for Biometrics, in Darmstadt, 20-21 September 2016.  The session highlighted the main features of the OCTAVE approach:

  • a project at the crossroads between cloud-based security and biometrics
  • to boost the antispoofing power of current ASV technology
  • to improve environmental robustness of ASV with respect to noise
  • the architecture of the OCTAVE platform for a Trusted Biometric Authentication Service (TBAS)

OCTAVE Exhibition booth

An exhibition booth was organized at the conference ODYSSEY 2016 in Bilbao, 21-24 June, 2016. The booth was two-fold:

  • one module for distribution of material related with the Project and its Partners
  • one module to demonstrate OCTAVE ASV technology after the first year of project operations

Created awareness about OCTAVE scope and objectives

Several papers have been produced in the context of OCTAVE work and partially funded by the project. Among many others, the following prestigious targets have been reached:

  • SPLINE 2015
  • ODYSSEY 2016
  • IEEE ICASSP 2016
  • IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics 2016



This document presents the OCTAVE Individual Partners’ Exploitation Plans, as a follow-up of Deliverable D39, where an Exploitation analysis was ...
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This deliverable is twofold: a report on the design of the OCTAVE website and the initial website itself (home page ...


Eva Vega Sanchez

WP2 Leader and Exploitation Manager

Eva Vega has a degree in Economics (2000), University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain). She has been working for Atos since 2009. Nowadays, she works as a business consultant in the Manufacturing and Retail Sector in Atos Research and Innovation. She is leading the exploitation tasks of FITMAN (FI-PPP phase 2 project applied to manufacturing), EASy-IMP project (development of a design collaboration platform for smart clothing) and OCTAVE (Objective Control of TAlker VErification). Previously, she also leaded exploitation in the ARTEMIS project ASTUTE (Pro-active decision support for data-intensive environments) and collaborated in the impact assessment tasks of the Co-Cities project (Cooperative Cities extend and validate mobility services). Her background also includes the participation in several Public Sector National consultancy projects (SIRHUS Project- Integral System of Human Resources, Meta4-Integral System of Human Resources and Health Institutions Staff Payroll).She has previous experience as a Market Analyst for a FMCG Multinational and as an external Foreign Trade Consultant for the Chamber of Commerce of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.