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D45 – Contribution to standards

This deliverable deals with the main standards relevant to our work in OCTAVE during project life and outlines the areas where we are using the standards, contributing to the standards, or fostering adoption of the standards. D45 is a result of task D2.3 "Contribution to standards" and part of WP2 “Dissemination and Exploitation”. Our standardisation [...]

D44 – Report on statistical characterization of the TBAS with respect to the selected applications (end-user services)

The main objective and motivation of this deliverable are to conduct a usability test of the final developed trusted biometric authentication service (TBAS) platform in the OCTAVE project on selected applications and document end-user experience with the use of the voice biometric security access control system. The deliverable contains a statistical analysis of the test [...]

D43 – Post pilot final platform

This Deliverable has been issued by the OCTAVE WP6, which is responsible to provide the architecture and software, making up a so-called Trusted Biometric Authentication System (TBAS), by leveraging on existing solutions related to voice biometrics verification, by introducing major enhancements in the voice biometric verification technology itself and by configuring voice biometrics as a [...]

D42 – Assessment and feedback for the applicability of existing legislation and established standards and procedures to the development of the TBAS

This document reports on the developments of the Trusted Biometric Authentication Service (TBAS) and also provides feedback that pertains to the manipulation of personal data. By its very conception and subsequent design and implementation TBAS makes heavy use of voice biometric data for providing its authentication service. The careful manipulation of these data is of [...]

D41 – Consolidated Applications Report data analysis, comparisons and lessons learned from the two test cases

This deliverable is a consolidated application report with data analysis, comparisons and lessons learned from using the TBAS platform during the physical and logical access pilots. We report on how data logged during the pilot by the end users and the platform have been used to carry out some offline analysis and to shed some [...]

D40 – Trial results for online access authentication application

The OCTAVE T-BAS Service has been designed and setup during the entire project duration, with the aim: to build a distributed platform that will provide user authentication based on biometric data related to the speaker voice to offer this solution as a service. After many months of activities, the project has come to the stage [...]

D39 – OCTAVE Exploitation analysis and business models

OCTAVE has delivered an access control platform through a trusted biometric authentication service (TBAS) for use in data-sensitive and mission-critical applications in real business/commercial environments. While simultaneously relieving end-users from the inconvenience of dealing with textual passwords, the OCTAVE platform will reduce the economic and practical burden of service providers related to password loss and [...]

D38 – Trial results for physical access authentication application

The OCTAVE Trusted Biometric Authentication Service (TBAS) has been designed and set-up during the entire project duration, with the aim of building a distributed platform providing user authentication based on biometric data related to the speaker voice, and offering this solution as an access control service. After completing the platform development, the project has come [...]

D37 – Platform for pilot

This report provides the relevant information and documentation, typically attached to any software delivery. The specific delivery consists in the release of the voice biometrics platform, including identity management, which constitutes the pilot adopted for the demonstrators and for the user trials. The report consolidates and advances the overall architecture and technology that was documented in Deliverable [...]

D36 – Convenience-security tradeoff

This deliverable combines much of the work within OCTAVE which has implemented hybrid solutions to automatic speaker verification and also innovative new countermeasure solutions to detect and prevent spoofing attacks of increasing sophistication and diversity. Key to the complementarity of the work reported here to that elsewhere within the OCTAVE work programme is the combination of automatic speaker verification [...]