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Project Mission

Project Mission

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Project Pillars

Technical Overview

Project Overview

OCTAVE has completed its technical activities

On 31 July 2017, the project has completed its technical activities, according to schedule.  The final review meeting with the European Commission actually took place on July 12. Formalities related with completion of the final review procedures and with financial reporting will occupy the Consortium until next 30 September. The Consortium has also started its post-project exploitation phase, since [...]

OCTAVE is completing its user trials

As of mid-June 2017, the project has completed its user trials at Findomestic, for the banking access application. In the very next days, also the user trials at Milano Linate Airport, for operators accessing a restricted security area, will be completed.  The evaluation reports from both trials give encouraging indications on the commercial feasibility of authentication services based [...]

Project Final Workshop: Florence, 27 June 2017

Next Generation User Authentication by Voice Biometrics? Ready to Market! A workshop open to the public, in the splendid historical complex of Santa Apollonia. Attendance free of charge. Working languages: Italian and English, with simultaneous translation both ways. Speakers from the Project Partners and from other stakeholders will discuss the viability and market-readiness of Voice [...]

D26 – Evaluation and Optimisation of Single Mode Voice Biometric Engines

This deliverable represents optimization and evaluation of single mode voice biometric engines defined in the earlier OCTAVE project deliverable D11. To this end, we extend the speaker verification evaluation protocols and then execute extended experiments to enhance the robustness and operability of the earlier baseline system. Specifically, we improve both feature extraction (introduction of new [...]

D25 – Spoofing Corpora

This document accompanies a related collection of audio material referred to as the OCTAVE spoofing corpus. In detail, the spoofing corpus reported here contains a representative sample of replayed audio material originating from a number of varied playback and re-capture devices. Besides the audio material, the corpus definition contains a set of pre-configured evaluation protocols [...]

D24 – Survey of the Safety and Security Standards, Procedures and Technologies for the Collection, Transmission, Storage and Processing of Personal Data (internal version for use within the Consortium)

The main purpose of this document is to provide a useful description of the safety and security standards, procedures and technologies for the collection, transmission, storage and processing of personal data, that are adopted or taken into account by the OCTAVE project in developing its platform, in designing its connections to the End-User Applications, and [...]

D23 – Hybrid Voice Biometric Engines (Software Modules and Supporting Documentation)

This deliverable, D23 details different hybrid architectures for fusing the scores from three different modes of speaker verification. The suitability of existing voice biometrics in the application scenarios within OCTAVE (D4) and single mode voice biometric engines (D11) are the main related deliverables to D23, and their outcome has been used for D23. Speaker verification [...]