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D22 – Methods for Environmental Robustness

This document is an accompanying technical documentation to the OCTAVE deliverable D22 ‘Methods for environmental robustness’. The deliverable consists of software modules, including code and wrapper scripts, and this supporting document. The document details the modules, their formal evaluation and the code framework used to obtain the results from a large number of experiments based [...]

D21 – Report on Communication Actions and Participation in Events Y1 (internal version for use within the Consortium)

This deliverable provides a cumulative overview of the Project’s dissemination activities that have been undertaken and carried out during the First Year. These activities have been executed as main consequence of the Dissemination Plan implementation (for further information about the Dissemination Plan, please check the deliverable D20 (Dissemination and communication plan). Firstly, information about OCTAVE [...]

D20 – Dissemination and Communication Plan

The main purpose of this document is to provide a detailed dissemination plan for the OCTAVE project. The document updates and refines in detail the dissemination plan provided in the Description of Work (DoW), that is, Annex 1 of the Grant Agreement, by exposing the adopted dissemination and communication strategy. It provides also information about [...]

D19 – Notifications to, and Approvals from, National Data Protection Authorities

The document is the text of a communication sent to the Italian Data Protection Authority (Autorità Garante per la protezione dei dati personali), about the intention to process and maintain biometric vocal data of some employees and operators selected by the Italian organisations SEA and Findomestic Banca S.p.A., for the purpose of on-field trial applications, [...]

D18 – Preliminary Guidelines from the Ethics Committee

OCTAVE will deliver an access control platform through a trusted biometric authentication service (TBAS) for use in data-sensitive and mission-critical applications in real business/commercial environments. While simultaneously relieving end-users from the inconvenience of dealing with textual passwords, the OCTAVE platform will reduce the practical burden of users related to password loss and recovery. Through the [...]

D17 – Corpora Collection

The present Deliverable addresses the objective of assembling, in the most appropriate way, the necessary datasets and their associated metadata for the purpose of testing the modules implemented for the OCTAVE platform (TBAS) and of validating the TBAS as a whole. A challenging and innovative solution was anticipated in the Description of Work (DoW), that [...]

D16 – Spoofing Countermeasures Phase 1

This document aims at supporting the software delivery of the spoofing countermeasures based on existing solutions from the technology providers as well as some improvements from early work in the Project. This deliverable is a software release and works in conjunction with the Voice Biometrics baseline Deliverable (D12). This auxiliary report summarises its purpose, its [...]

D15 – Technology Baseline

This deliverable is a software artefact that reflects the first phase of the integration of existing solutions related to voice biometrics verification and aiming at addressing the requirements of the target applications of the project. This report provides the relevant support as the basic information and documentation attached to any software delivery and release of [...]

D14 – Business Requirements Report

This report aims at defining the requirements that the OCTAVE platform must fulfil to guarantee the most effective business impact of the technical solutions proposed by the Project. The end objective is to pave the way to the exploitation strategies of the Consortium. The main steps of this report are: to outline the market scenario [...]

D13 – Corpora Definition (internal version for use within the Consortium)

This Deliverable opens the phase of the Project dedicated to the provision of the speech and audio data required for completion of laboratory tests aiming to assess the voice biometrics and enhancing modules of the TBAS, the Trusted Biometric Authentication Platform envisaged by OCTAVE. The subsequent Deliverables, namely “Corpora collection” and “Spoofing corpora”, will close [...]