»Accomplishments WP 3

Baseline voice biometric systems and their vulnerability to circumvention

Major state-of-the-art ASV systems have been identified, in order to assess their vulnerability to diverse spoofing: attacks replay, speech synthesis, voice conversion. ASV performance degradation, as a result of varied spoofing attacks (ASVspoof) under different conditions, has been evaluated

New countermeasures against spoofing

Robustness to spoofing, with existing countermeasures: explicit (detection) and implicit (prevention) Characterization of performance for known and unknown attacks Greater focus put on replay detection: the most probable attack, more difficult to assess, faced by means of new evaluation/testing/training data generated within the Project

Unprecedented solutions to noise-robust automatic speaker verification

multi-stage noise compensation, including SNR estimation, speech enhancement, spectral feature extaction,  voice activity detection model-domain acoustic normalisation modules multiple simulations to find the best perforing NR method at each stage in the system: the best from each stage is then selected as the best system text-dependent speaker recognition results in terms of EER (in %) [...]