»Deliverables WP 2

D47 – Partners Exploitation Plans

This document presents the OCTAVE Individual Partners’ Exploitation Plans, as a follow-up of Deliverable D39, where an Exploitation analysis was carried out at project consortium level and yielded a list of Exploitable results, qualifying the position of each Partner with respect to each result. The focus of this Deliverable D47 is to provide evidence of [...]

D46 – OCTAVE Report on communication actions and participation in events, Year 2

This deliverable provides an overview of all dissemination activities that have been carried out during the duration of the OCTAVE project, mainly those carried out during its second period (June 2016-July 2017). The objective was two-fold: to create awareness of OCTAVE achievements and contributions to innovation in the area of biometrics for access control, and [...]

D45 – Contribution to standards

This deliverable deals with the main standards relevant to our work in OCTAVE during project life and outlines the areas where we are using the standards, contributing to the standards, or fostering adoption of the standards. D45 is a result of task D2.3 "Contribution to standards" and part of WP2 “Dissemination and Exploitation”. Our standardisation [...]

D39 – OCTAVE Exploitation analysis and business models

OCTAVE has delivered an access control platform through a trusted biometric authentication service (TBAS) for use in data-sensitive and mission-critical applications in real business/commercial environments. While simultaneously relieving end-users from the inconvenience of dealing with textual passwords, the OCTAVE platform will reduce the economic and practical burden of service providers related to password loss and [...]

D21 – Report on Communication Actions and Participation in Events Y1 (internal version for use within the Consortium)

This deliverable provides a cumulative overview of the Project’s dissemination activities that have been undertaken and carried out during the First Year. These activities have been executed as main consequence of the Dissemination Plan implementation (for further information about the Dissemination Plan, please check the deliverable D20 (Dissemination and communication plan). Firstly, information about OCTAVE [...]

D20 – Dissemination and Communication Plan

The main purpose of this document is to provide a detailed dissemination plan for the OCTAVE project. The document updates and refines in detail the dissemination plan provided in the Description of Work (DoW), that is, Annex 1 of the Grant Agreement, by exposing the adopted dissemination and communication strategy. It provides also information about [...]

D02 – OCTAVE Website (internal version for use within the Consortium)

This deliverable is twofold: a report on the design of the OCTAVE website and the initial website itself (home page and some basic pages, as of delivery month, i.e. July 2015). The website is of course a living product, as it will be constantly informing the target audiences about the existence of the OCTAVE project [...]