»Deliverables WP 4

D36 – Convenience-security tradeoff

This deliverable combines much of the work within OCTAVE which has implemented hybrid solutions to automatic speaker verification and also innovative new countermeasure solutions to detect and prevent spoofing attacks of increasing sophistication and diversity. Key to the complementarity of the work reported here to that elsewhere within the OCTAVE work programme is the combination of automatic speaker verification [...]

D31 – Evaluation and optimization of hybrid biometric engines

This deliverable focuses on the use of fusion to attain better performances than single-mode speaker verification engines in Automatic Speaker Verification (ASV) systems. An ASV system based on a single-mode operation engine has been shown to provide differences in performance depending on the operational mode. The three operational modes, fixed-phrase, text-prompted text-dependent and text-prompted, text-independent [...]

D26 – Evaluation and Optimisation of Single Mode Voice Biometric Engines

This deliverable represents optimization and evaluation of single mode voice biometric engines defined in the earlier OCTAVE project deliverable D11. To this end, we extend the speaker verification evaluation protocols and then execute extended experiments to enhance the robustness and operability of the earlier baseline system. Specifically, we improve both feature extraction (introduction of new [...]

D23 – Hybrid Voice Biometric Engines (Software Modules and Supporting Documentation)

This deliverable, D23 details different hybrid architectures for fusing the scores from three different modes of speaker verification. The suitability of existing voice biometrics in the application scenarios within OCTAVE (D4) and single mode voice biometric engines (D11) are the main related deliverables to D23, and their outcome has been used for D23. Speaker verification [...]

D11 – Single Mode Voice Biometric Engines (Software Modules and Supporting Documentation)

This document accompanies the program code of the OCTAVE deliverable D11 ‘Single mode biometric engines’. Here, an engine is understood as a collection of pre-configured wrappers combined with existing open-source speaker verification systems. The main intention of D11 is to provide a simple baseline recognizer to enable studying relevant data engineering questions in later stages [...]

D04 – Suitability of Existing Voice Biometric Engines (internal version for use within the Consortium)

This deliverable details the key considerations and requirements for the effective realisation and deployment of voice biometrics in the application scenarios within OCTAVE. As a main facet of the report, the effects of extrinsic and intrinsic nuisance factors (other than spoofing) on the speaker recognition performance are reviewed. These include variations in the acoustic environments [...]