»Deliverables WP 7

D44 – Report on statistical characterization of the TBAS with respect to the selected applications (end-user services)

The main objective and motivation of this deliverable are to conduct a usability test of the final developed trusted biometric authentication service (TBAS) platform in the OCTAVE project on selected applications and document end-user experience with the use of the voice biometric security access control system. The deliverable contains a statistical analysis of the test [...]

D40 – Trial results for online access authentication application

The OCTAVE T-BAS Service has been designed and setup during the entire project duration, with the aim: to build a distributed platform that will provide user authentication based on biometric data related to the speaker voice to offer this solution as a service. After many months of activities, the project has come to the stage [...]

D38 – Trial results for physical access authentication application

The OCTAVE Trusted Biometric Authentication Service (TBAS) has been designed and set-up during the entire project duration, with the aim of building a distributed platform providing user authentication based on biometric data related to the speaker voice, and offering this solution as an access control service. After completing the platform development, the project has come [...]

D28 – Trial results of the component-wise phase

How well does a voice biometric authentication service work? How easy is it to use? How reliable is it? What performance can I expect when integrating this service in my application for my customers? All these questions cannot be answered by any open evaluation campaign, like those organized by international standardization bodies and scientific associations. [...]

D25 – Spoofing Corpora

This document accompanies a related collection of audio material referred to as the OCTAVE spoofing corpus. In detail, the spoofing corpus reported here contains a representative sample of replayed audio material originating from a number of varied playback and re-capture devices. Besides the audio material, the corpus definition contains a set of pre-configured evaluation protocols [...]

D17 – Corpora Collection

The present Deliverable addresses the objective of assembling, in the most appropriate way, the necessary datasets and their associated metadata for the purpose of testing the modules implemented for the OCTAVE platform (TBAS) and of validating the TBAS as a whole. A challenging and innovative solution was anticipated in the Description of Work (DoW), that [...]

D13 – Corpora Definition (internal version for use within the Consortium)

This Deliverable opens the phase of the Project dedicated to the provision of the speech and audio data required for completion of laboratory tests aiming to assess the voice biometrics and enhancing modules of the TBAS, the Trusted Biometric Authentication Platform envisaged by OCTAVE. The subsequent Deliverables, namely “Corpora collection” and “Spoofing corpora”, will close [...]

D08 – Report on Trial Design

This report provides a detailed analysis of the trial and testing scenarios of the Trusted Biometric Authentication Service (TBAS) targeted by the OCTAVE Project. The report assesses the requirements expressed by the two Partners involved as Application Owners in the in-field trial scenario, defines the trial needs, and outlines procedures, methods, evaluation models to be [...]

D07 – Report on Performance Definition

Since the technological target of the OCTAVE system is to deliver effective methods for introducing robustness into speaker verification to environmental variability and against spoofing attacks of any type, this deliverable identifies both the core determinants which may affect the performance and the relevant sets of metrics. OCTAVE is also expecting to realize a secure [...]