»Deliverables WP 8

D48 – Commercial Impact Evaluation Analysis Document

This deliverable provides an evaluation of the potential commercial impact of “authentication as a service” provided by the OCTAVE TBAS (Trusted Biometric Authentication Service), leveraging not only on processes and solutions specified in the deliverables issued during the entire project life-cycle, but also on the results from on-field trials carried out for two business processes: [...]

D41 – Consolidated Applications Report data analysis, comparisons and lessons learned from the two test cases

This deliverable is a consolidated application report with data analysis, comparisons and lessons learned from using the TBAS platform during the physical and logical access pilots. We report on how data logged during the pilot by the end users and the platform have been used to carry out some offline analysis and to shed some [...]

D34 – Online users access control validation report

This report aims to describe the implementation of an application that authenticates on-line users, in a financial services environment, by resorting to the OCTAVE Trusted Biometric Authentication Service (TBAS). The implementation has been developed under Advalia and Findomestic specifications and assumes operational-like conditions for the validation of technical performance requirements. The document builds upon the output of project Deliverable D14 [...]

D33 – Physical access control validation report

This report aims to provide a description of an application allowing airport operators for physical access in a restricted, sensitive, area, through the authentication service offered by the OCTAVE solution, technically known as TBAS (Trusted Biometric Authentication Service). The technical performances of the application are being built according to the Client’s (SEA) operational requirements. We focus [...]

D14 – Business Requirements Report

This report aims at defining the requirements that the OCTAVE platform must fulfil to guarantee the most effective business impact of the technical solutions proposed by the Project. The end objective is to pave the way to the exploitation strategies of the Consortium. The main steps of this report are: to outline the market scenario [...]

D05 – Process and Operative Procedure Assessment Document

The main purpose of this document is to provide an early, brief description of the Trial scenario of OCTAVE TBAS application for the two project end users SEA and Findomestic. Processes, technologies and requirements are presented, which must be met by the application, in order to both realize a successful Trial and grant the subsequent [...]