The Consortium



The OCTAVE Consortium consists of:

  • academic bodies (University of Hertfordshire, University of Aalborg, University of Eastern Finland);
  • research institutes (Fondazione Ugo Bordoni, Research and Education Laboratory in Information Technologies, EURECOM);
  • product vendors (Validsoft, APLcomp) and custom solution developers based on State of Art products (Advalia);
  • large-scale ICT integrators (ATOS);
  • large-scale Business users (SEA, Findomestic).

Most of the partners have already worked in collaborative activities such as COST Actions, FP7 projects, and European forums, related to speech recognition, speaker verification and biometrics in support of user authentication.

The combination of different background experience and skills constitutes a value chain of innovation and ensure that findings and results of the project will build upon consensus of several players in different countries and will have a potential impact on a large number of institutions, administrations, service providers, public authorities and stakeholders.

Reference Persons

Project Manager: Sebastiano Trigila (FUB, Italy)

Technical Leader: Mauro Falcone (FUB, Italy)

Dissemination and Exploitation Manager: Eva Vega Sanchez (ATOS, Spain)