Advalia S.r.l. is an Italian Company mainly owned by the CALL&CALL group, the fifth Customer Care Outsourcing group in the Italian market (57 M€ revenues 2015).
Founded in 2012, the company shareholders are:

• CALL&CALL group (95,0%)
• Marco Lombari – Managing Director (5%)
• Domenico Nesci, a shareholder of CALL&CALL group, is the President of the Board of Directors.

Advalia is the innovation company of the CALL&CALL group, which drives next generation value-added BPO through leading-edge technology, innovation and new integrated channels. Mainly focused on Customer Management processes, Advalia is a “business integrator” that addresses Customer Care automation, new customer experience and sales improvement. One of Advalia’s assets in business proposals is the use of virtual agents in customer care operations through natural language recognition / understanding.
Advalia’s parent Call & Call Group works with Findomestic Banca since 2005 and manages 50% of the contact center post-sale volume.

Marco Lombari

PCB Member

Marco Lombari is Sales and Marketing Director at CALL & CALL Group, which operates in Outsourcing and BPO (Business process outsourcing) market. He is also Managing Director of Advalia, the company of the group that drives New Generation BPO and innovation. Before Joining CALL & CALL, Marco Lombari worked in Accenture and Comdata as BPO Sales Manager with the responsibility to identify, develop and market new generation BPO offerings, with focus on telco, media, energy and utility industries. In the past Marco Lombari was Customer Operation Director of Telecom Italia France, the French subsidiary of Telecom Italia, with direct responsibility of Customer Care, Billing and Credit operations. Marco Lombari has gained remarkable experience also in ICT and Management Consulting, with focus on CRM domain, within important consulting companies like Accenture and BIP (Business Integration Partner).

Elena Cocchi

WP8 co-leader

Elena Cocchi is a senior project manager, in charge of enhancing Advalia Digital Interaction Framework in line with new market and technology trends. Graduated in Engineering at Politecnico di Milano university, she has almost 20 years of experience, mainly in Telco services. She has a consolidated experience in Customer Relationship Management platforms both from an IT development point of view (software-development Manager, ICT Project Manager and Demand Manager) and from a Business Process Optimization one (Business Development Manager and Business Process & Digital Transformation Manager), leveraging on technology innovation.