APLcomp Offices is an SME, with 5 permanent staff people and offices in Helsinki and Tallin. APLcomp develops and sells out-of-the box ERP applications for financial institutions. The modules can manage a wide range of financial contracts. They share a common database, along with general ledger and risk management modules, which means that all that transactions are immediately mirrored on BS and risk positions. Straight-through processing means also that those in charge of updating transactions need to understand their accounting requirements. That is why readily available end-user support is necessary, in order to fully utilize the benefits of our system’s inherent process automation. The end-user support requirements are further emphasized by fully free-form reporting of Comp Systems.
From the start in 1983, when APLcomp Oy was founded, we have employed practically all remote support techniques. By now we have deployed all ERP modules into cloud, so that GUI desktops and reporting are accessed by a VPN client and browser respectively.
GUI interfaces are Windows applications running on Linux desktop. Authentication is done by our patented ZEFA® authentication platform. We are fully prepared to handle all emerging financial instruments as cloud service, like micro credits, retail bonds and credit insurance. Along with established instruments like mortgages and leasing finance.
What we necessarily need, is strong authentication, which we are going to have by using voice as biometric identification factor.
APLcomp will contribute to workpackages 5, 6 and 7. We will participate in defining a pluggable, standards based interface for speaker verification engines, which will be based on well supported federation standards. The work is enforced by implementing SV functionality in our cloud based financial ERP SaaS product.

Martti Pitkänen

PCB Member

Martti Pitkänen received his degree in B.Sc. Economy from Helsinki School of Economics in 1973, and majored in business accounting. His occupations have been in the following sector: management accountant, market researcher, nursery manager, system engineer, CEO in SME IT company.  Martti has a deep working knowledge of PHP and JavaScript languages. Educated in psychological and information warfare research in Finnish Defense Forces reserve.