SEA – Società Aeroporti di Milano

SEA Società Esercizi Aeroportuali Spa is the company that manages the airports of Linate and Malpensa and the core airport activities in support of passenger and cargo aviation. The main activities are the management, development and maintenance of the infrastructures, plants comprising the airports and offering customers of the SEA Group services and activities connected with the arrival and departure of aircraft in addition to airport safety services.
SEA activities are also focused on: Non Aviation business, which includes offering a wide, differentiated range of commercial services to passengers, operators and visitors to Milan’s airports. Handling activities, managed through SEA Handling, consists of providing land-side assistance services to aircraft, passengers, luggage, cargo and post. Energy production, the activities carried out by SEA’s subsidiary SEA ENERGIA, enable the production of electric and thermal energy to be used by the airports. SEA provides airports coordination and centralized airport services (such as, information system and information to the public-based on data furnished by the airline companies – surveillance and retails services through third-party agreement, etc). All its activities are performed in compliance with the regulations set by the Aviation Control Boards.
SEA is controlled by the Municipality of Milan which holds 54.8% of its shares, several small public and private shareholders (0.8 %) and by F2I SGR Spa – Fondi Italiani per le Infrastrutture – the fund management company dedicated to investments in the infrastructure sector, which holds 44.3% of total shares.
The SEA Group airport system comprises Milano Malpensa Airport, 48 km from Milan, with links to the main cities of Northern Italy and Switzerland by rail (30 minutes from the city centre) and road, including motorways, and Milano Linate, around 8 km from Milan, Europe’s airport closest to the city center, with links to urban public transport. It is dedicated to frequent flyer customers on the most popular domestic and EU routes.
SEA will focus and contribute most of its effort to workpackages 2, 5, 6 and 8.

Italo D’Ascoli

Ethics Committee Chairman & Security Committee Member

Italo D’Ascoli is the Head of Security at Linate Airport – Commercial and General Aviation, in SEA Operations Department and immediate reporting to the Security Manager. He gained a solid professional experience working for nearly 25 years at international airports, ranging from Customs Clearance, to the role of Ramp Manager, Environmental Advisor and Customs Relations Manager, maintaining the position ad interim of Security Manager Italy for DHL Aviation. He holds his current position in SEA since May 2011. Graduated in Law at the University of Milan, he has an excellent knowledge of English and a good knowledge of French.

Marcella Scuccimarra

WP8 Leader and PCB Member

Marcella Scuccimarra is responsible for SEA Certifications and EU project Management Unit. She ensures the maintenance of the Environmental/energy Management Systems (UNI EN ISO 14001:2004, ISO 5001:2011, the Airport Carbon Accreditation for the reduction of CO2 emissions), as well as those related to airport safety. She also deals with the administrative and financial management of European projects in SEA Milan Airports. She has almost 20 years of experience in airport activities. She joined SEA in the airport operations department and also dealt with benchmarking activities focusing on environment and quality of services both on a national and international level.