Validsoft brings together the domain knowledge for banking and financial services, together with its User Authentication (UA) product. ValidSoft’s UA platform is a strong Multi-Factor (something you know, something you have, something you are), Multi-Channel (Internet, Phone and Contact Centre) Authentication and Transaction Verification solution that enables users of mobile and fixed line phones and other wireless devices to access secure services over the Web, or other networks, without having to carry a separate physical security token. The UA product is suitable for Web Access (including Internet Banking, Online Trading, etc), RAS (Remote Authentication Services) and VPN (Virtual Private Network) authentication, and also suitable for deployment in a multi-channel banking/trading environment. ValidSoft’s User Authentication platform combines strong authentication and transaction verification to counter not only the more traditional attacks, but also the latest in session hijacking (Man-in-the-Middle, Man-in-the-Browser).
Validsoft’s Voice Biometrics Server (VBS) is a component of the UA product which can be used independently. VBS works in different modes depending on the scenario of use: text dependent (passphrase), text constraint (ex: random digits) and text-independent (for conversational speech).
ValidSoft has worked with leading channel partners such as FICO to bring these solutions to market globally with customers such as Santander in the UK and Newcastle Building Society in Australia. Validsoft took part in the 2012 NIST Speaker Recognition Evaluation and obtained results among the best with a system close to its commercial text-independent engine. Validsoft won the ESTA award for the “Most Innovative Project in 2013”, for its outstanding achievements in the software testing and quality assurance market specific to Voice Biometrics solutions.
Validsoft will be a main contributor to workpackages, 2, 6, 7 and 8.

Alexander Korff

Security and Ethics Committees Member

Alexander Korff has always been interested in technology and security. Before becoming a lawyer, he worked at leading UK technology companies (then start-ups) WorldPay and Autonomy in business development roles.  More recently, he has practised law as a UK-qualified solicitor at Clifford Chance (in several international offices) and Bird & Bird in London, specialising in contentious and non-contentious IT and intellectual property law – predominantly for tech-sector clients. Alexander has also practised law in-house with EADS Airbus.  Alexander joined ValidSoft in 2010 and advises the business on a range of public policy and legal affairs, and is responsible for ValidSoft’s growing IP portfolio.

Benoit Fauve

WP6 Leader and PCB Member

Benoit Fauve  leads the development of Validsoft Voice Biometrics engine. He has worked for ValidSoft for over 4 years helping to establish the company as a leading provider of voice biometrics solutions. He has built a balanced mix of professional and academic experience over the past 12 years. A continuous thread through his career has been the optimisation, adaptation and transfer of highly advanced and innovative techniques in the domain of signal processing and machine learning to real-world applications. Though an expert in signal processing in general, Benoit’s main interest is in speech processing and biometrics. He holds a PhD for his work on speaker verification and previously worked for Neuvoice on speech recognition and acoustic monitoring.

Adrian Kelly

Platform integration manager

Adrian brings over 20 years of experience, accelerating growth in technology businesses from start-ups to corporates, in a range of leadership roles focussed on products and services. Previously Adrian served as the Senior Vice President for Product Marketing and Solutions at Nuance/SpinVox, defining innovative propositions and business models that were key to securing new Tier 1 customers on 4 continents and generating explosive growth in traffic and revenues. More recently as Director of Product and Services at Sage, he drove their migration to cloud based services and embedded excellence in user experience across the portfolio. As the regional director for South America and head of three business units at LogicaCMG Telecoms (now CGI), Adrian consistently proved his ability to grow company revenues. As Senior Vice President for Airwide, Adrian was part of the leadership team that successfully exited the business via a trade sale to Mavenir Systems.