OCTAVE will deliver an access control platform through a trusted biometric authentication service (TBAS) for use in data-sensitive and mission-critical applications in real business/commercial environments. While simultaneously relieving end-users from the inconvenience of dealing with textual passwords, the OCTAVE platform will reduce the practical burden of users related to password loss and recovery. Through the use of biometrics, OCTAVE will ensure the users secure access to diverse and trustworthy smart services. However the use of biometrics raises Ethical concerns that should be coped with and cleared before the Project starts its detailed design and implementation work. This document has been produced under guidance of the OCTAVE Ethics Committee, a body added to the OCTAVE Management Structure, in order to comply with the provisions stated in the Ethical Screening Report that was carried out on the OCTAVE Proposal. As regards the issues raised by the above mentioned Report, this document recalls the Consortium’s replies as stated in the Grant Agreement, Annex 1, Part B, (for short, the Description of the Action), and complements them with the results of deeper analysis and with the views of Ethics Committee. The deliverable consists of the following parts:

1) An overview of Project Objectives from the stand point of end-users.

2) An outline of user-related challenges.

3) A description of the user trials, with particular reference to the geographical localisation of server applications, client applications, Automated Speaker verification engines, user databases and user-sensitive data communications flows.

4) A list of relevant European and National regulations on user data protection, for subsequent use in the Project.

5) An analysis of the Ethics Screening Report, whereby the Responses given by the Consortium at Grant negotiation time are complemented with the views of the OCTAVE Ethics Committee.

6) A review of the WPs dealing with user enrolment and with user data handling (processing, communications, testing and evaluation).

7) A review of Partners dealing with the same aspects as in the previous point.

8) A summary of the OCTAVE Ethics Committee guidelines.

Source: WP 1 Project Management

Dissemination level: Confidential

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