This deliverable is twofold: a report on the design of the OCTAVE website and the initial website itself (home page and some basic pages, as of delivery month, i.e. July 2015). The website is of course a living product, as it will be constantly informing the target audiences about the existence of the OCTAVE project and the potential benefits for companies and experts operating in the applicable fields. The website will make available social-network targeted information on the themes of access control and biometric data. The website contents will address the general public (by presenting the advantages of voice biometrics for easy access to information services and critical infrastructures) and all stakeholders (e.g., enterprises requiring access control, smart service developers, educators, researchers, etc.) by providing them with outputs that are publishable according to OCTAVE classification policies. This document contains:

  • the requirements that were taken into account, when designing the site;
  • the structure of the site;
  • the structure of the pages created as of July 2015;
  • a description of the content management system, associated with the site, and the workflows for posting contents on the site at different authorization levels;
  • highlights on contents to appear within the first six months of the Project life.

Source: WP 2 Dissemination and Exploitation

Dissemination level: Public

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