This deliverable details the key considerations and requirements for the effective realisation and deployment of voice biometrics in the application scenarios within OCTAVE. As a main facet of the report, the effects of extrinsic and intrinsic nuisance factors (other than spoofing) on the speaker recognition performance are reviewed. These include variations in the acoustic environments and channel characteristics, and also the particular effects of text-related parameters (e.g. duration). Another aspect of the study is the analysis of the application modes of speaker verification, with particular reference to the recognition accuracy, convenience for clients and robustness against spoofing. Based on the review of a set of use cases defined by the end-user partners within OCTAVE (i.e. Findomestic/Advalia and SEA), the operational characteristics and specifications in different access control scenarios are reviewed. In order to further facilitate progress towards the effective deployment of voice biometrics in practice, the report also provides discussions on various operational requirements and challenges expected in the applications areas considered in OCTAVE.

Source: WP 4 Hybrid Voice Biometrics

Dissemination level: Public

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