This deliverable deals with the main standards relevant to our work in OCTAVE during project life and outlines the areas where we are using the standards, contributing to the standards, or fostering adoption of the standards. D45 is a result of task D2.3 “Contribution to standards” and part of WP2 “Dissemination and Exploitation”. Our standardisation efforts contribute to dissemination and exploitation in several ways. On one hand, by engaging with standardisation bodies and contributing to the standards they are developing, we bring their attention to the work being done in OCTAVE, which necessarily results in wider dissemination of our work. Also, by explaining to others the kind of solutions that OCTAVE is developing and how we plan to contribute to standardisation, we have an opportunity to communicate to others the kind of problems OCTAVE is dealing with, the challenges involved, and the workable solutions we have envisioned to address those problems. On the other hand, contributing to standards currently under development or even promoting or spurring a new standard help defining a model of exploitation. Regardless of whether the standard relates to a component of our solution or to the system as a whole, a standard specification can contribute to further adoption and exploitation.

Source: WP 2 Dissemination and Exploitation

Dissemination level: Public

The Deliverable will be made available for download, once the Commission has approved it.