This deliverable provides an overview of all dissemination activities that have been carried out during the duration of the OCTAVE project, mainly those carried out during its second period (June 2016-July 2017).

The objective was two-fold: to create awareness of OCTAVE achievements and contributions to innovation in the area of biometrics for access control, and to attract potential and relevant users of the results of the project, in the industrial and academic communities, as well as among business and institutional stakeholders interested to improve security and authentication procedures.

The actions and tools adopted for communication and dissemination include the project website, two workshops organized by the project, the participation to two third-party conferences with a project booth and with a project-dedicated session, the participation to several conferences with papers originated, at least partially, by work within the project, and our presence in the social networks.

OCTAVE has also impacted to international evaluation campaigns, related to advanced automated speaker verification, both providing new datasets and outstanding results of experiments with new techniques, particularly in the field of spoofing countermeasures.

Most actions, far from being limited within project duration, are deemed to have an impact beyond the scope of the project, for instance bringing OCTAVE outcomes and innovation to new projects for further opportunities in research activities, industry standards and business operations.

Source: WP 2 Dissemination and Exploitation

Dissemination level: Public

The Deliverable will be made available for download, once the Commission has approved it.