This document presents the OCTAVE Individual Partners’ Exploitation Plans, as a follow-up of Deliverable D39, where an Exploitation analysis was carried out at project consortium level and yielded a list of Exploitable results, qualifying the position of each Partner with respect to each result.

The focus of this Deliverable D47 is to provide evidence of plans, within each Partner, to concretely value the results of the OCTAVE project beyond the end of EU funding. Results can be valued by making use of them in the business processes, or by introducing them in the commercial offer of each Partner, compatibly with IPRs (Intellectual Property Rights) mutually recognised by all Partners and with due compensation fees, in fair and reasonable terms, to the Parties specifically owning those results, according to charging models that have been defined in D39.

After summarizing a methodology for exploitation analysis introduced in D39, this document exposes the Individual Partners’ plans, by using a common taxonomy: overview of the Partner mission and activity sector (industry, services to citizens and customers, consultancy, research and development); background and foreground results; exploitation opportunities derived from OCTAVE.

Source: WP 2 Dissemination and Exploitation

Dissemination level: Confidential

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