This document aims at supporting the software delivery of the spoofing countermeasures based on existing solutions from the technology providers as well as some improvements from early work in the Project. This deliverable is a software release and works in conjunction with the Voice Biometrics baseline Deliverable (D12). This auxiliary report summarises its purpose, its functionalities and its integration in one central element. The document acts as an aggregator of the information/documentation that is normally attached to any software release to a production environment.

The goal of D16 is to provide a software baseline for the anti-spoofing component of the TBAS platform. The principle of spoofing and its associated countermeasure have been exposed in Deliverables D3 and D9. This delivery adds anti-spoofing capability to the User Authentication (UA) platform as described in D12. There are two main modules:

– Anti-replay: based on ValidSoft own replay detection feature;

– Anti-artificial voice: integration of a system developed and validated in WP3 on the ASVSpoof database.

These two components represent the baseline technology for the two main spoofing attack vector and are expected to be improved through further work in the Project, documented in follow-up deliverables.

Source: WP 6 Speaker Verification Platform

Dissemination level: Confidential

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