This report provides the relevant information and documentation, typically attached to any software delivery. The specific delivery consists in the release of the voice biometrics platform, including identity management, which constitutes the pilot adopted for the demonstrators and for the user trials. The report consolidates and advances the overall architecture and technology that was documented in Deliverable D15 ‘Technology Baseline’ reporting about definition and implementation of the API between a core speaker authentication system, adopted as input to the Project, and a number of project-originated components and external third party service providers.

The updated system that is described in this Deliverable D37 has brought in a new set of components related to the system security underlying mechanism and based on an existing open-source solution, to manage the authentication and authorization of the services functionalities, and to enforce Security, Privacy and Trust (SPT) requirements. From an input-output viewpoint, this report gives details on the final set of APIs to access the TBAS services. The delivered software artefact constitutes the TBAS implementation, to be accessed by End-User Applications during the User Trial phase of the Project. The system is open to updates, refinements and enhancements that experience and feedback from the Technology Trials and User Trials will suggest. The final shape of the TBAS will be described in the forthcoming Deliverable D43 ‘Post pilot final Platform’.

This Deliverable has been issued by the OCTAVE WP6, which is responsible to provide the architecture and software, making up a so-called Trusted Biometric Authentication System (TBAS), by leveraging on existing solutions related to voice biometrics verification, by introducing major enhancements in the voice biometric verification technology itself and by configuring voice biometrics as a cloud service to be offered to third-party businesses.

Source: WP 6 Speaker Verification Platform

Dissemination level: Confidential

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