This Deliverable has been issued by the OCTAVE WP6, which is responsible to provide the architecture and software, making up a so-called Trusted Biometric Authentication System (TBAS), by leveraging on existing solutions related to voice biometrics verification, by introducing major enhancements in the voice biometric verification technology itself and by configuring voice biometrics as a cloud service to be offered to third-party businesses.

The report provides a summary of the final architecture consolidating the design of the overall architecture and technologies that was documented in Deliverable D37 ‘Platform for pilot’. This document report an integration activities and provides the integration references as an integration guide oriented to the application providers, developer of client applications who could interact with the TBAS to integrate their client applications that improve part of their business activities providing a new system to their end-user and customers offering new functionalities related to the security and authentication of the end-users.

The delivered software artefact constitutes the final TBAS implementation, which is an evolution of the platform delivered in D37 that was accessed by End-User Applications during the User Trial phase of the Project confirming the viability of the platform for user voice biometric authentication. This is the final shape of the TBAS designed, tested and experimented, accessible by third parties, application developers and service providers to build new applications that need to authenticate users by voice biometric technology.

Source: WP 6 Speaker Verification Platform

Dissemination level: Confidential

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