The OCTAVE Trusted Biometric Authentication Service (TBAS) has been designed and set-up during the entire project duration, with the aim of building a distributed platform providing user authentication based on biometric data related to the speaker voice, and offering this solution as an access control service.

After completing the platform development, the project has come to the stage in which the access authentication service has to be tested in real-life conditions.

The main target of task T7.4, governing the activities reported in this deliverable, is to test and validate the usability of OCTAVE TBAS in two authentication contexts: logical one and physical one, in real environmental conditions.

Deliverable D38 focuses on all the activities that have been carried out, to setup and execute the field experiments of the SEA in-field trial, namely the authentication of physical users, in accessing a restricted area inside Linate airport, in real-like life conditions and in an open environment.

The deliverable also focuses on the usability issues raised by the Operators and the Security Officers, both during the enrolment phase and the authentication phase, and ensures that the entire process is consistent and tailored to the Airport’s real daily habits. Process results are extracted from the trial log files, automatically created by the access device, the uTouch, selected by the Project to control the entrance to the restricted area. The log files keep track of every interaction initiated by the Operators or by the Security Officers. Other files keep track of individual interviews both to the Operators and to the Security Officers.

Source: WP 7 Test and Verification

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