The OCTAVE T-BAS Service has been designed and setup during the entire project duration, with the aim:

  • to build a distributed platform that will provide user authentication based on biometric data related to the speaker voice
  • to offer this solution as a service.

After many months of activities, the project has come to the stage in which the service has to be tested in real-life conditions.

Deliverable D40 focuses on all the activities that have been carried out, that is in order to setup and execute the field experiments of the Findomestic in-field trial, therefore the authentication of online users, in accessing remote Banking services in operational real-like life conditions.

The deliverable focuses on the usability issues raised by the end users, both during the enrolment phase and the authentication one, and ensures that the entire process is consistent; the deliverable also focuses and on the result that came out of the trial, both the end users subjective evaluations and from the log files, automatically created by the Findomestic CISCO IVR on every interaction started by the end user.

Source: WP 7 Test and Verification

Dissemination level: Confidential

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