The main objective and motivation of this deliverable are to conduct a usability test of the final developed trusted biometric authentication service (TBAS) platform in the OCTAVE project on selected applications and document end-user experience with the use of the voice biometric security access control system. The deliverable contains a statistical analysis of the test setups and results. The statistical analysis is based on user data, user-feedback, user questionnaires, user interviews and speaker verification performance on the different aspects of real-world scenarios, which can cause mismatch between training and testing, e.g. handset, noise, population group, gender and vulnerability to replay attacks.

This analysis manifests the usability of the OCTAVE TBAS under different conditions and the knowledge gained from the analysis can help guide further improvements of the TBAS design to be more considerate of its users.

WP 7 Test and Verification

Dissemination level: Confidential

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