This report aims at defining the requirements that the OCTAVE platform must fulfil to guarantee the most effective business impact of the technical solutions proposed by the Project. The end objective is to pave the way to the exploitation strategies of the Consortium. The main steps of this report are: to outline the market scenario within which the Project solutions will be implemented; to provide a background of the Project, by emphasizing its objectives and describing the relationship among the Partners of the Consortium; and to identify key business indicators that will define metrics to assess the market impact of the OCTAVE Trusted Biometric Authentication System (TBAS). This report builds upon the output of project Deliverable D5 ‘Process and operative procedure assessment document’, which organised the user requirements of the trial applications. It expands the output of that deliverable, by addressing the user requirements on the TBAS, in a wider perspective, not limited to the scope of SEA and Findomestic processes.

Source: WP 8 Selected Applications

Dissemination level: Confidential

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