This report aims to provide a description of an application allowing airport operators for physical access in a restricted, sensitive, area, through the authentication service offered by the OCTAVE solution, technically known as TBAS (Trusted Biometric Authentication Service). The technical performances of the application are being built according to the Client’s (SEA) operational requirements. We focus on the physical access, by means of the OCTAVE TBAS authentication, starting from a vocal interaction with a selected device, and ending with access granting or denial by the TBAS.

The description starts with a quick description of our operative scenario. It is followed by the functional specifications of the interactions needed to characterize the different use cases. Enrolment, update, cancellation and authentication are defined, in order to provide accurate details on the field implementation for physical users. The deliverable then focuses on the expected user experience in terms of interaction with the device. Messages exchanged in the dialogue with the end-user/operator and the execution times of the access will be reported, as well as the alternative choices to be adopted in case of recognition failure. The last section describes how the TBAS interacts with the Id Management Software and with the selected u-Touch device, depending on the different functional use cases.

Source: WP 8 Selected Applications

Dissemination level: Confidential

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