This report aims to describe the implementation of an application that authenticates on-line users, in a financial services environment, by resorting to the OCTAVE Trusted Biometric Authentication Service (TBAS). The implementation has been developed under Advalia and Findomestic specifications and assumes operational-like conditions for the validation of technical performance requirements.

The document builds upon the output of project Deliverable D14 “Business Requirements Report” and on the output of project Deliverable D15 “Technology Baseline”, and specifically focuses on online user access, via a voice telephony channel, whereby the caller is vocally authenticated by means of the OCTAVE TBAS. This corresponds to the Findomestic trial. The description starts with a functional characterization of the different use cases that are implemented in the Findomestic trial, to provide details about how the on-field implementation has been designed and carried out. The implementation covers registration, update, cancellation and authentication of an online user. After that functional overview, the deliverable focuses on the main characteristics of the implementation from a user experience point of view, pointing out how customer interactions are expected to take place regarding terminals to be adopted, prerequisites for service subscription, and messages that are prompted to the user. Service provider requirement profiles with regards to the OCTAVE TBAS service are also duly covered. Thereafter, a more technical section follows, describing how the TBAS web services are called from the Findomestic CISCO IVR (Interactive Voice Response) platform, for each of the different use cases explored in the overview.

The deliverable also provides a description of the procedures that are foreseen in the case that, for any reason, the authentication process cannot be successfully completed within a time margin compatible with the need to safeguard quality and convenience of the user experience. Some of the technical choices and user interface elements described in this deliverable, along with technical procedures to be adopted and with levels of system reliability related to acceptable margins of error, are subject to consolidation and fine-tuning after the OCTAVE pilot platform roll-out (the subject of forthcoming Deliverable D37 “Pilot platform ready for testing”) and after pertaining testing activities (the subject of forthcoming Deliverable D40 “Trial results for online access authentication application”).

Source: WP 8 Selected Applications

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