ICASSP (IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing) is the world’s largest and most comprehensive technical conference focused on signal processing and its applications. The ICASSP 2017 conference featured world-class speakers, tutorials, exhibits, and over 50 lecture and poster sessions. It was held in the Hilton New Orleans Riverside in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Three studies originating from the work done within OCTAVE were presented at the conference, including contributions from four OCTAVE partners, AAU, EUR, FUB and UEF:

  • Kinnunen, M. Sahidullah, M. Falcone, L. Costantini, G., H., Rosa, T. Dennis, S., Achintya, Z.-H. Tan, H. Delgado, M. Todisco, N. Evans, H., Ville and A. L., Kong, ”RedDots replayed: A new replay spoofing attack corpus for text-dependent speaker verification research”,  Proc. ICASSP 2017.
  • Kanervisto, V. Vestman, M. Sahidullah, V. Hautamäki, T. Kinnunen, ”Effects of Gender Information in Text-Independent and Text-Dependent Speaker Verification”, Proc. ICASSP 2017
  • Paul, M. Sahidullah, G. Saha, “Generalization of Spoofing Countermeasures: A Case Study with ASVspoof 2015 and BTAS 2016 Corpora”, Proc. ICASSP 2017.

ICASSP featured three noteworthy Sessions about Speaker recognition:

  • SP-L5: Speaker Diarization and Recognition (Tuesday, March 7)
  • SP-P7: Speaker Verification (Wednesday, March 8)
  • SP-P8: Speaker Recognition (Wednesday, March 8)

Plus additional two sessions that included presentations on recent developments in anti-spoofing research:

  • SP-L2: End to End Speech Processing (Monday, March 6)
  • IFS-L1: Information Forensics and Security I (Thursday, March 9)

UEF and EUR presenting a poster of ‘RedDots Replayed’ corpus, one of the key datasets produced by the OCTAVE partners. This data has been used internally by the consortium to develop advanced spoofing countermeasures, and part of the data has also been released as a development data of the ongoing “ASVspoof 2017 spoofing challenge” (http://www.asvspoof.org/), attracting participation from nearly 50 participants.

In addition, an analysis of the electronic ICASSP 2017 proceedings indicated a total of 19 citations to 7 different publications produced by the OCTAVE consortium, so we see OCTAVE already provided research impact to the field.

A YouTube clip of ICASSP atmosphere: https://youtu.be/cnyHCdNQ0kY