Auditorium di Sant’Apollonia, Florence, 27 June 2017

The workshop has showcased the OCTAVE platform and technologies to an audience of stakeholders and experts in ICT Security, ID Management and Voice Biometrics. The programme included interlaced presentations delivered by select stakeholders and project representatives. Together, they have showed how OCTAVE results meet industrial needs for secure authentication using voice biometrics. Next generation technologies to be presented include efficient and reliable presentation attack detection (PAD) for the protection of voice biometric systems from spoofing.

Delegates have also enjoyed an opportunity to experience and interact with the OCTAVE platform firsthand.

Programme and presentations

  • Alessandro Luciano, President, Fondazione Ugo Bordoni

Session 1: “The business case for OCTAVE: voice biometrics as an authentication factor”

Chair:  Mario Frullone, Director of Research, Fondazione Ugo Bordoni [PDF]

  • Giovanni Falsina, Environment and Airport Safety Manager, SEA Aeroporti di Milano [PDF]
  • Vincenzo Bono, Vice DG and Client Market Director, Findomestic Banca [PDF]
  • Nicola Sotira, Poste Italiane [PDF]
  • Danilo Vivarelli, Managing Director, Call & Call [PDF]

Session 2: “The OCTAVE platform and its possible users”

Chair:  Sebastiano Trigila, OCTAVE Project Manager, Fondazione Ugo Bordoni [PDF]

  • Benoit Fauve, ValidSoft: A new generation biometric platform [PDF]
  • José Lorenzo, ATOS Spain:The Integrated Solution of OCTAVE [PDF]
  • Alessandro Alessandroni, ISG Italia: Biometrics for Secure Identity Management in the Physical and in the Digital Worlds [PDF]

Session 3: “The OCTAVE experience: in the labs and on field. The way forward”

Keynote and Chair:  Mauro Falcone, OCTAVE Technical Leader, Fondazione Ugo Bordoni [PDF]

  • Marcella Scuccimarra, SEA: The experience gained from OCTAVE user trials at the Linate Airport [PDF]
  • Lorenzo Zara, Findomestic: The experience gained from OCTAVE user trials with Findomestic remote banking [PDF]
  • Nick Evans, Eurecom: Antispoofing Technniques for Speaker Verification: the OCTAVE Delta [PDF]
  • Saeid Safavi, University of Hertfordshire: Viability of Hybrid Approaches in Speaker Verification [PDF]
  • Andreas Nautsch,  CRISP — Center for Research in Security and Privacy, Hochschule Darmstadt: Technical Standardization Activities related to Voice Biometrics [PDF]