The International Conference on Speech and Computer, SPECOM, is a regular event organized since 1996 and attracts researchers in the area of computer speech processing, multimodal interfaces and applied systems for telecommunication, robotics, intelligent and cyberphysical environments.

Special session on:
“Real-Life Challenges in Voice and Multimodal Biometrics”

Complex passwords or cumbersome dongles are now obsolete. Biometric technology offers a secure and user friendly solution to authenticate and have been employed in various real-life scenarios. This special session seeks to bring together researchers, professionals, and practitioners to present and discuss recent developments and challenges in Real-Life applications of biometrics. Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Biometric systems and applications;
  • Identity management and biometrics;
  • Fraud prevention;
  • Anti-spoofing methods;
  • Privacy protection of biometric systems;
  • Uni-modalities, e.g. voice, face, fingerprint, iris, hand geometry, palm print and ear biometrics;
  • Behavioral biometrics;
  • Soft-biometrics;
  • Multi-biometrics;
  • Novel biometrics;
  • Ethical and societal implications of biometric systems and applications.